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Check out an interview with Ian on You Tube.
During rehearsal for a sold out concert at the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield Mass. Ian
and Susan Mazer sat down with WLTV for an interview about performing live. You can
check out the interview on
You Tube by clicking HERE !
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Talent agency - New Haven, CT.
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Workshop Live.
Ian signed on as a clinician for Ovation Guitar's new "Idea" guitar.
Kaman Music has come up with a brilliant new idea... They have installed an Mp3 player
into the pre-amp of a new "Idea" guitar. You can record your songwriting ideas right
onto your guitar memory. Never lose an idea again !! You can also listen to lessons,
and play along with backing track... All of these creativity tools installed on a solidly
made guitar, with the same reliability and playability expected with an Ovation. Ian does
clinics for this guitar all over the country.
You can check out this amazing guitar by clickin
g HERE !
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Ian plays Ovation Guitars
In Case you missed it...
If you missed my concert at Infinity hall, It seems that a very cool person took video of
one of the songs... The song is called: I'll Walk, and Ian is joined up on stage by
guitarist, Tommy K. (the video was brought to our attention by another very cool
person... You know who you are)
Click link to see the Video on You Tube:
(Infinity Hall Video)
Next show: Friday, Oct. 16th - @ the Corner - 3 West St. Litchfield, CT. - (860) 567-8882  - 9:00pm - 12:00am
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