Calling You

by Ian Campbell

Released 2000
Released 2000
Deep desires and spiritual wants bubble to the surface of this witty lyricist... Inspired and heartfelt stories mingle with the not so serious...
Ian Campbell's music has been grabbing the attention of everyone who hears it. His warm style has people sitting on their back porches all around New England, looking out at the mountains and calmly contemplating.

This CD had some great influences from Jackson Browne's amazing storytelling. It is quite the task (as a songwriter) to keep trying to find out what is deeper than what you are feeling now. But, in those searches come incredible insights and profound realizations.

For this second album, Ian brought in players from the "Other Brothers" band.

"Being an independent musician has been a real joy for me," Ian says. "The feeling of being able to do what I love is really rich. I love the travel, the people, the music, and the surprises around every corner. Yup, living a dream..."

This is the CD to go tell your friends about. Copy the web address from your browser. Spread the word. Go to Ian's website (link is below) to find out where he's playing next.

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  • Nov 23
    Rosy Tomorrows,  Danbury
  • Nov 24
    Rosy Tomorrows,  Danbury
  • Dec 29
    Rosy Tomorrows,  Danbury
  • Jan 18
    Catamount Ski Resort,  Hillsdale
  • Oct 9
    Black Bear Americana Music Festival,  Goshen